Vector Network Analyzator

My Graphical Antennna Analyzer (MFJ-225)

You can Find out more about the Graphical Analyzer. Software for Windows is available on the MFJ pages.
There is also a software which can be used on Linux and probably also on MAC because its written in Java. This needs Java to be installed on your computer!
Download vna/j (version 3.1.19 by Dietmar Krause, DL2SBA) here and start it with the following command:
java -jar vnaJ.3.1.19.jar
Try choosing "miniVNA" and "ttyUSB0" in the "Analyzer setup menu".
If that does not work please add your user id in the /etc/group file to groups tty and dialout.
After that you have to calibrate first ("Create" option in "calibrate" menu). Then you can start first scan.
Download some documentation for the GUI from here and read it here in German.
I have tested vna/j only under Ubuntu 14.04 LTS and Linux Mint 17.3!
Does NOT RUN under Java 9.0.4 !

An interesting list of Analyzers and DIP Meters (in Turkish but the list is readable and has links): Find out more...

FA-NWT01 in comparison with Network Analyzer VNWA (downloads pdf).


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