My Shack

My temporary Shack

Local operation mainly via Relais
Alinco DR-438H (only 70cm)
Alinco DR-138H (only 2m)
Yaesu FT-7800 (out of service)
Leixen VV-898
Alinco DJ-500E (portable with additional Headset)
Pofung (Baofeng) GT-5 (Two-Way, Dual Band, Dual PTT portable)
Baofeng T1 (Monoband 70cm, portable)

Testing the opportunities of Digital Radio World
Kydera DM-880

Yaesu FT-817nd
MX-P50M HF Power Amplifier (10m-80m)
Dynamic Compressor DYC-8x7 2.0
bhi NEIM-1031 Noise Reduction System
Antenna Tuner MFJ 971
Diamond SX-600 (Precision SWR/Power Meter)
Keyer/Reader MFJ 464
Juncker Key

PSK31 / FT-8
Rigblaster Advantage (Modem for digital operation)
Apple MacBook (OS: Ubuntu 16.04LTS)
FLDIGI (Control Software) WSJT-x (FT-8, JT-65,...)

NooElec SDR RTL (Rx only)
SDR# (Control Software)

Diamond NR-770RSP (2m/70cm)
Diamond SG-7700 (2m/70cm)
Diamond NR-770H (2m/70cm)
(with Diamond K-701M magnetic base bracket)
Diamond MR77
Diamond X30
Comet SMA24J (for Alinco DJ500E)
Homemade Dipoles (2m, 15m, 17m, 20m)
MFJ-1606T (6m)
MFJ-1610T (10m)
and for SOTA:
SOTABEAMS Multi Function Dipole (2m and also 70cm)
HB9CV (2m)
Porti 2/70 (Log. periodic)
HF Monoband Wire Antenna (20m, QRP)
HyEndFed 4 Band Classic Antenna (40, 20, 15, 10m)
NVIS Antenna 80/40m
10m Inverted V
10m Fiberglass telescopic pole
6m Fiberglass telescopic pole for SOTA
MFJ-260C 300W Dry Dummy Load
MFJ-225 Graphical Antenna Analyzer

GPS and Compass
Garmin GPSmap64s

Power supply
Nissei PS30SWII (max. 30A)
Lab Power Supply (max. 5A; 0-30V)
Linear Power Supply 13.8V 5A
And for field activity:
One LiFePo4 Battery 4.5Ah
Four Lead-Acid Batteries (3x12Ah; 1x3,3Ah)
plus StepUp Module for constant 13,8V (5A)


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