SDR - Software Defined Radio

In short: an SDR is a radio with no IF, Modulator, or Demodulator stages as we generally understand those terms: a receiving RF preamp feeds directly into a (very fast) A-to-D converter, which is connected to a computer DSP/CPU to tune a signal and extract the modulated audio or data; on the transmit side, the CPU and DSP generate the modulation directly, and feed it to an RF power amp. (Wikipedia)
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Watch some videos about a SDR Project with the HackeRF One Hardware and understand better the basics of an SDR Project.
Software Defined Radio with HackRF

A possible application could be the GNU Chirp Sounder.

Very interesting Link to an SDR Project:
Kurt Moraw, DJ0ABR (click menu SDR)
Project "Homebrew standalone SDR-QRP-Transceiver" (m0nka; in german)

Setting up Raspberry Pi as a SDR Server with RTL-2832U USB dongle ...
read more on page of ZR6AIC.

RTL-SDR for Linux Quick-Start Guide:
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Linklist of different SDR Software Projects (Win/Lin/Mac):
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OE1GPA Homepage

Microwave Web-SDR

10 0KHz-2GHz Ultra Wide-band SDR Receiver
Software Defined Radio "Blueberry SDR"

SDR Link-List

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