Amateur Radio Networks

A repeater is a special node which redistributes incoming radio signals on a different frequency or in a different frequency band.
Repeaters can be connected to different Radio Amateur Networks using internet technology (e.g. TCP/IP protocol) and radio signals will be forwarded via internet to other nodes worldwide.

In the moment there are 4 main systems (D-Star, Mototrbo, Hytera and System Fusion). Read more about the Comparison of Amateur Radio Digital Voice Systems.

Some examples of networks are:

ECHOLINK (IP-based network with radio links)

Allstar Link

IRLP - Internet Radio Linking Project

W3WAN - WAN Repeater System

The DMR-MARC Worldwide Network
DMR Digitalfunk (german)
Guide to DMR (.pdf)
DMR - Advanced Protocols

DMR-Brücken zwischen MOT und HYT werden erweitert
(DMR-Bridges between MOT and HYT will be extended...)

A lot about D-Star
D-Star Austria
ICOM Radio Club
(Who is online...)

C4FM Fusion (YAESU)
Packet Radio Network:
APRS (Automatic Packet Reporting System)

For developer:
AMPRNet™ — TCP/IP Networking for Amateur Radio


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