Grimeton - Varberg Radio Station
QRA SAQ QRG 17.2 kHz

The Varberg Radio Station at Grimeton (Swedish: Varbergs radiostation i Grimeton) is a VLF transmission facility at Grimeton close to Varberg, in Halland, Sweden. It has the only working Alexanderson alternator rotating armature radio transmitter in the world and is classified as a World Heritage Site. It is an anchor site for the European Route of Industrial Heritage.

The transmitter was built in 1922 to 1924; to operate at 17.2 kHz, although it is designed to operate on frequencies up to 40 kHz. The antenna is a 1.9 km (1.2 mile) flattop wire aerial consisting of eight horizontal wires suspended on six 127-metre high freestanding steel pylons in a line, that function as a capacitive top-load to feed energy to six grounded vertical wire radiating elements.(wikipedia)
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Read also this comprehensive document(.pdf) about Grimeton.

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