Based on Ubuntu 16.04 LTS

Ft-817, Rigblaster Advantage and Power Meter

On this page I give you a short overview what is to do for a quick installation.
To be successfull it is necessary to have ordered the cat cable for the Ft-817 with the modem (RB-XCAT8 for the '817) or it is already self made.
Now only the radio and a computer (in my case a Linux device) is needed and we can start.

1) First place the provided appropriate ISC (Instant Setup Connector) which handles the different necessary jumpering for selected radios. For the FT-817 the "YAESU RJ45 MODULAR" connector is needed.
insight view
Place the "Instant Setup Connector" ("YAESU RJ45 MODULAR")
as shown in the picture

2) To connect the Rigblaster Modem to the computer follow the description in the detailed manual. While under Windows a device driver has to be installed in advance under Linux since Kernel 3.8.4 the necessary drivers are already included in the kernel.

You can find the assigned serial device by opening a terminal and typing:
$ ls -l /dev/ttyUSB*
This should return a display similar to the one below:
crw-rw---- 1 root dialout 188, 0 Sep 30 13:49 /dev/ttyUSB0

DO NOT FORGET to add your user to the group DIALOUT:
$ sudo usermod -a -G dialout user
Then log off and log back on for the changes to take effect.

Some basic adjustements:
put the "xmit" and "rcv" levels to "12o'clock" and the TX switch in the "vox" position. We will need that later on.

Please read also the additional hints in the manual!

3) Connect your radio with the Rigblaster. Use the provided cables out of the box. Don't forget to connect the additional ordered CAT-cable (8 pin mini DIN) between the ACC connector on FT-817 and the CTL inout connector on Rigblasters back side.
Follow the description on page 15 (section "Transceiver Connections") in the Rigblaster Manual.
Consider position of the control dials for initial operation.

Rigblaster Advantage and FT-817 - back side.

4) Install and adjust first your FLRIG program to get the remote control of your radio.
Download the .tar.gz-file from this site and compile it first under Linux (in my case Ubuntu 16.04 LTS).

To configure CAT control and PTT on the same port (as we should do on Linux) is not possible, because RIGblaster does not let audio pass in this case. Under Windows there is a port splitter software which enables usage of two separate ports for CAT and PTT.

In my Linux installation of FLRIG and FLDIGI I use therefore CAT on the USB-port and VOX for PTT.
This setup works for me.

Choose the right USB interface

Choose "none" because we are using vox.

5) now we are configuring FLDIGI (version 3.23):

Because we are using FLRIG for remote control we activate XML-RPC tab

for using vox we activate "PTT tone" on Hardware PTT tab

choose the right audio driver

set sample rate to 48000

activate PSK Reporter spotting

6) Configure the FT-817 for use with digital modes following both manuals (see menu on the right hand side).

Press the F key for one second and adjust:
Menu 07: Rear or Front (Antenna)
Menu 14: 38400 (Cat Rate)
Menu 26: USER-U
Menu 45: RF-GAIN

Press the F key only short:
Choose "PWR" menu and press "B" key as long as "MTRalc" is displayed.
Press the F key again to store the changes.
Please disable eventually installed filter (menu IPO).

Please be mindful to have configured same baud rate for serial interface in FT8-software and the Transceiver.

7) Configure your text macros in FLDIGI
Most of the time QSOs in FLDIGI will be processed by using prepared text macros. This macros should be adapted to your style and wishes and it is also necessary to know which key contains which text. This needs also a little practice.

Here some useful links:
Beginners Guide for PSK31 Macros
Tips for your Digimode Macros (in German)

And now good luck and a lot of nice QSOs around the world!

Article for vision-impaired hams

FLDIGI and more Software By W1HKJ to download:

Some additional videos :
Data mode communication on the Yaesu FT-817
Data modes settings on the Yaesu FT-817 (German video)

And some hints for user of other wellknown rigs:
FT-991 and FLDIGI under Windows

Especially for SOTA:
PSK-31 with FT-817 without Computer!
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