Field Days

Results of Field Day 4 can be read here and will be updated as long the problem of bad VWSR of HB9CV is solved.

Final Conclusion to HB9CV Problem:
if the HB9CV is mounted before the mast (about 20cm or more) then it works very fine horizontal as also vertical without any problems and with very good VWSR.

Update to MFJ-16xxT Whip Antenna:

All my tests, where I positioned the 6m MFJ Antenna on a simple stand in the lawn, didn't have any positive result due to missing counterpoise.
During a short test on Schafberg in Vienna (JN88DF57QL; 2016-05-21) we (OE1KHU and OE1GPA) tested a 10m MFJ on a triple magnet base on a cars roof and it worked fine.
[Testequipment: FT-817 @2,5W; QRG:29100, FM, vert.]
If there is no car available as counterpoise than a greater number of adjusted radials should be used.


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