Field Day 7
LogPeriodic (2m/70cm) and
HyEnd (40m) Test

Short Report

Date: 2017-11-18 (DOY: 323)
Begin: about 1300 UTC
End: 1530 UTC

Cloudy, 10┬░Celsius, smooth wind from west
foF2 about 4MHz, 26 Sun spots, SFI 76


40m  7.100 LSB
20m  14.285 USB
 2m  145.550 FM vert.
70cm 438,950 MHz FM (Relais Kahlenberg) for coordination.
QTH: Vienna Donauinsel (JN88EG60EB )
Height a.s.l.: 120m

Antenna: Multiband Antenna 40/20/15/10M

View on test area
Transceiver: FT-817, DJ-500E (UHF)
Power Supply: Lead Acid Batteries (10Ah)
Total weight of Equipement: 12kg
Operator: Gerald OE1GPA/1, Gerhard OE1DGW/1


The setup of the Porti 2/7 Log Periodic is pretty easy, the adjustement for a good VSWR is not so easy (initially far above 3!). Because of the low tempearture we made only one try on 2m and on 70cm (Relais Kahlenberg) and then setup the Multiband antenna on the 6m GFK Pole.
We measured the VSWR of the HyEnd Antenna in all Bands with the MFJ-225 and they were all beyond 2 so we started test on 40m immediately. Quickly two QSOs were done. Up to 1600km with FT-817nd (5W). The antenna worked fine although the setup was far from ideal (the most part was to near to ground) but needed no tuner! This is very well for SOTA.

The Porti 2/7 will be necessary to be adjusted precisely if temperatures are more convenient. Maybe it works as fine as expected.


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Porti 2/70

Multiband Antenna 40/20/15/10M

Endfed Resonant Antenna (DC4KU; German)
SW Wire Antennas (DC4KU; German)