Field Day 6
Inverted V (10m) Test

Short Report

Date: 2017-05-23 (DOY: 144)
Begin: about 1300 UTC
End: 1500 UTC


10m  28360 USB
     29100-29200 FM 

70cm 438,950 MHz FM (Relais Kahlenberg) for coordination.
QTH: Vienna Donauinsel (JN88EG60EB )
Height a.s.l.: 120m

Antenna: inverted V (10m)

FT-817 and bhi noise reduction system
Transceiver: FT-817, DJ-500E (UHF)
Power Supply: Lead Acid Batteries (10Ah)
Operator: Gerald OE1GPA/1


Unfortunately I had forgotten my step up module with the result that transmit power was restricted to 2.5 W.
Finally I succeeded in adjusting the VSWR with my MFJ-971 tuner (values: 5 B 2) almost to minimum (1 unit signalled on FT-817 Display). I could only listen to some stations (OE1KHU Vienna 17, OE1DGW Vienna 22, OE3ARB Mödling Center) but transmission was not powerfull enough to be heard. The basic noise level was S0-S1 (USB, FM).

10m Inverted V antenna
10m Inverted V antenna


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