Field Day 5

Short Report

Date: 2017-05-16 (Day of Year: 137)
Begin: about 0900 UTC
End: 1500 UTC


80m  3690 LSB (QRP)
     3650 - 3700 (max. 100W)
40m  7090 LSB (QRP)
     7060 - 7100 (max. 100W)
70cm 438,950 MHz FM (Relais Kahlenberg) for coordination.
QTH: Groisbach (JN88AB)
Height a.s.l.: 380m

Antenna: NVIS (80/40m), V.Dipole (HF), X.50 (UHF)

Transceiver: FT-817 and FT-991 (HF), FT-7800 (UHF)

Operator: Gerald OE1GPA/3
and Karl OE1KHU/3.


The construction of the NVIS antenna was no problem.
I built the antenna following this pdf document from DXEngeneering.
But due to very difficult local propagation conditions (see Ionosonde Pruhonices protocol) no HF QSO was possible.
Relais Kahlenberg could be reached in the morning by Handtalker 5W at noon 20Watt and a X50 where necessary for good communication quality.
From about 1300 UTC on we had more and more italian and russian stations on our NVIS antenna (40m), but sending was not successful. My noise reduction system NEIM-1031 worked surprisingly effective. At 1500 UTC we stopped operation.

NVIS antenna 80/40m
1145 UTC Ionosonde Pruhonicer
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Download Ionosonde Data from 20170516


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NVIS 40/80m
40/80m (OE3MHU)

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