U P D A T E 1
U P D A T E 2

Field Day 4

20150511T0830 until 1300 (UTC).

Frequency: 10m SSB/FM; 2m FM
438,95 MHz (Relais Kahlenberg) for coordination.
QTH: Wien Donauinsel (JN88EG60CH)
Operator: Gerald OE1GPA/1
and Karl OE1KHU/1.
Device: Yaesu FT 817nd (AKKU 12,5V; Transm. Power 5 Watt)
plus amplifier 10m 100W
Antenna: 10m Dipole, HB9CV


Karl's Donauinsel Shack

Gerald's Donauinsel Shack

U P D A T E 1:

Outdoor measurements were repeated with help of OE1DGW.
Near ground the bad results of vertical positioned HB9CV were acknowledged but positioned 3m above ground and more VSWR was better than 2.
(Equipment used: FT-817nd @5W and Diamond SWR-meter)

U P D A T E 2:

I repeated the indoor measurements of VSWR with my 2m HB9CV with following results
(Equipment used: FT-7800 @10W and Diamond SX600):

HB9CV (2m) on
selfmade bamboo mast


OE1GPA Homepage

Report about self-made HB9CV