DIY Cables

How to customize my send/receive cables:

I allways make my send/receive cables by myself. With help of some internet pages and some hints you get in the ham radio shop it is not too difficult to finish successfully.

You need a soldering iron, a side type wire cutter, a knife and probably a screw wrench.

A small overview about different types of connectors:

BNC (spec)
UHF (PL) (spec)
N Connector (spec)

There are a lot more different types of cables on the market:

Very commonly used are RG-58 CU, RG-58 ALL, RG-174, RG-213 U, Aircell 5 and a lot more. Find here an overview of cable specifications.
(Aircell 5/Aircell 7, LMR-600, ECOFLEX 10 Plus Datasheets)
Coaxial Cable - Attenuation & Power Handling Calculator.

What cable/connectors to use between my radio and antenna? by KO4BB.


At the end, if two cables don't match you need adapter between different standards. N-type to SMA, BNC to PL, and a lot more.
After some time I am sure you will have a small box with some of all of them...


OE1GPA Homepage

HF connectors assembly information
Ecoflex assembly information
N-Connector Assembly for ULTRAFLEX 13 (video; 3:55)