Dipole Antenna (15/20m horizontal)

Test scheduled on 20150115 0900-1100 UTC
QTH: Donauinsel
Operator: Gerald, OE1GPA; Gerhard, OE1DGW

Test took place as announced.
The Dipole Antenna worked fine, especially for 15m (SWR < 1:1,5).
Thank you for the support of Alexander, OE1AFU !

15m (21285kHz); 17m (18130kHz); 20m (14285kHz)
Standby for coordination via OE1XUU (438,95MHz)

My temporary Shack on Donauinsel

2nd Test on 20150214 1400-1800 UTC
QTH: Wien Simmering JN88FE
Operator: Gerald, OE1GPA

The Dipole Antenna worked not so fine, because of the local circumstances.
The position was on three sides limited by small houses, all other parameters seemed to be similar to the first test. Except that the ground was probably rather dry and on Donauinsel all was wet after the rain.
Even if the dipole could not be tuned for CB I could listen to a weak transmission of OE1SRC with a CB Transmitter on 27,355 MHz (AM).

Also not in optimal position the Diamond XG30 worked better. I had a QSO on 145,5 MHz with OE3GOD (27,8km) and OE1PZC.
I tested also with OE1SRC the results of different Transmission Modes on 144,5 MHz. We used FM, AM and USB, but FM has on shorter Distances the absolutely best voice quality.

15m (21425kHz); 2m (144,500MHz)
Standby for coordination via OE1XUU (438,95MHz)

My temporary Shack in Simmering, also equipped for CW with Keyer and Keyboard. Antennas for 2m (X30) and 15m (Wire Dipole) connected.


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