RasPi & Ham Radio

The Raspberry Pi is a series of credit card-sized single-board computers developed in the UK by the Raspberry Pi Foundation with the intention of promoting the teaching of basic computer science in schools.

The original Raspberry Pi and Raspberry Pi 2 are manufactured in several board configurations through licensed manufacturing agreements with Newark element14 (Premier Farnell), RS Components and Egoman. These companies sell the Raspberry Pi online. Egoman produces a version for distribution solely in China and Taiwan, which can be distinguished from other Pis by their red colouring and lack of FCC/CE marks. The hardware is the same across all manufacturers.(Wikipedia)
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Some links (unsorted):

Raspberry Pi - A Low Cost Platform For Amateur Radio Projects
Ham Radio Projects
Raspi As WSPR Transmitter
Maryland D-Star Image
Raspberry PI B+ Quadcore, mit besserer USB Performance
Maryland D-Star Image

Echolink node on Raspi...
SvxLink - Advanced repeater controller and EchoLink software


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